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LockHunter saves the day

It annoys me when files are locked and you do not know what has it locked.

LockHunter to the rescue.

ZSoft Uninstaller 2.5

An oldie but a goodie!


InstallWatch Pro

Here is a useful little utility that I didn't want to loose track of.


SparkGateway to the rescue!

I had a dilemma. Our f%^%ing provider blocked RDP going out.



I spent hours and hours trying to get an LDAPS connection happening with my local AD LDS instance.


Signing an IIS Certificate using OpenSSL

I had a requirement to install OpenSSL (on Windows) and sign some certificates generated from IIS.


Create your CA Private Key for OpenSSL

I needed to create a private key using OpenSSL.


Outlook Send Only

I have a few accounts that are used for forwarding and would like to be able to send email using their address.



RegExRenamer is the best file renaming utility for Windows out there - says me.


EaseUS Data Recovery

Someone came to me asking if I could recover data off of a faulty USB drive.


Removing an Excel Workbook VBA Password

A VBA project password can be removed with a hex editor.


Customizing Context Menus in Office 2010

In Office 2010, you can customize built-in context menus just as you can the other components of the Ribbon UI.