Re-ordering styles in Word 16 for Mac

It pisses me off that Microsoft would half release products because they are for Mac.

It's better than nothing I suppose, but it is like buying the trial version of something.

Sometimes to do what is a simple act in the Windows version becomes a hack in the Mac world.

This is one of those times.

Fortunately for us, we have the Internet at our disposal.

After some searching, I found the answers.... although... long winded versions of the answer.

In short.....

  1. Create Folder1 on your Desktop
  2. Copy your Example.docx file into the newly created empty folder
  3. Start Terminal
  4. Change into the Folder1 folder (cd ~/Desktop/Folder1)
  5. Type: unzip Example.docx
  6. Move the original file (Example.docx) to your Desktop
  7. Start up your favourite Text Editor (such as Atom)
  8. Edit Desktop/Folder1/word/styles.xml Note: At this time the file is Minified. As I use Atom, I downloaded a package called XML-Formatter and selected <Indent XML< to cleanup the XML.

Now... it is hard to describe the next steps... but I will do my best.

You need to search for the name of the Style that you created.

Hopefully you will find 1 or 2 instances of it.

Your style will have an XML elementc called w:uiPriority. Its w:val value is the Priority order of the style panel.

Changing this value to a smaller value will change its position in the style panel.

Change the value to a lower number and save the file.

Note: If you have 2 items found in the file then you will have to change the w:val for both (to the same number)

Exit from your Text Editor (you don't need to re-Minify the file)

Now you need to re-compress the docx file

  1. Change back into Terminal
  2. Type: zip -r Example.docx [Content_Types].xml _rels customXml docProps word
  3. Open up the newly created Example.docx in Word.
  4. You should now see that the Style has changed position in the Style Panel

The only file that you need from Folder1 is Example.docx.

All Done.

Technical links used were:

Link: Office Watch - Style Priorities in Word for Mac

Link: Brandwares - OOXML Hacking: Editing in macOS