Kodi clean strings

I love Kodi and haven't too many problems with it... until I wanted it to index Full Custom Garage.

It ended up displaying some show called Beyond the Clouds, which had an alias called Full Sun.... but why?

Apparently the word "Custom" gets cleaned out of the name by default, so it searches for "Full Garage".

(Do you know how long it took for me to work that out?)

Luckily they have provided a way for us to remove that word (and others) from the Clean String list.

This requires you to SSH to the Kodi box (using your favourite telnet ssh program - Putty is popular).

Once logged in as OSMC, change into the ~/.kodi/userdata folder

Create a new file called advancedsettings.xml

Paste in the following:



       <regexp>[ _\,\.\(\)\[\]\-](ac3|dts|custom|dc|remastered|divx|divx5|dsr|dsrip|dutch|dvd|dvd5|dvd9|dvdrip|dvdscr|dvdscreener|screener|dvdivx|cam|fragment|fs|hdtv|hdrip|hdtvrip|internal|limited|multisubs|ntsc|ogg|ogm|pal|pdtv|proper|repack|rerip|retail|r3|r5|bd5|se|svcd|swedish|german|read.nfo|nfofix|unrated|extended|ws|telesync|ts|telecine|tc|brrip|bdrip|480p|480i|576p|576i|720p|720i|1080p|1080i|3d|hrhd|hrhdtv|hddvd|bluray|x264|h264|xvid|xvidvd|xxx|www.www|cd[1-9]|\[.*\])([ _\,\.\(\)\[\]\-]|$)</regexp>




Remove "|Custom"

Save the file and restart Kodi

I moved my "Full Custom Garage" folder outside of the TV Shows area, cleaned out my library,moved it back and did an update.

The following link is the technical article on Kodis Wiki:

Link: Kodi Advanced Settings