Nokia LCD and the Raspberry Pi

It was time to experiment with a little LCD. I purchased the Nokia LCD 84 x 48 or something.

I had to adapt the code with some other code I was using so I have found a number of sites that helped accomplish different things.

The main article that I found that was of most use was one from Tutorials Technology called Wiring Nokia 5110/3310 to Raspberry pi and use it with python

This article not only have me a good idea of how to wire the LCD up to the Raspberry Pi but it also provided the main part of the Python code that I used.

This article from Adafruit provided some more information on wiring up the LCD to the Raspberry Pi pins.

Link: Drive a 16x2 LCD directly with a Raspberry Pi

I also used bits from another article I found when looking for Python scripts to do with the Nokia LCD.

Link: Nokia 5110 3310 LCD Python Library