Responsive Pure CSS Menu (No Javascript)

Pure CSS Menu (No Javascript)

Did I mention that I love CSS?

Well I do.

I wanted to have a Slide Out menu on my website... so I looked around.

I found a Javascript implementation... which worked... BUT... it didn't behave nicely when the user changed the orientation of their device.

Well it could, but I would have needed to stuff around with Javascript to make it happen.

I did stuff around.. and it did work... but it wasn't... elegant / clean / right for the job.

I remembered that you could create menus with CSS (what can't you do with CSS) so I Googled some more and found the gold at the end of the rainbow.

Which you have now found....

Watch this video and it will tell you how to do it all.

Responsive Pure CSS Menu Tutorial (No Javascript)

... and BTW.. You're welcome!

Nick Burns, Your Companys Computer Guy: Lack of Understanding - Saturday Night Live