Editor.MD Markdown editor

editor.MD Editor Billboard

Thanks to Chyrp-Lite I have a new interest, being Markdown.

After being in the IT industry for over 20 years I didn't even join the dots between Markup and Markdown.


Initially I looked at SimpleMDE. It too is a very nice Javascript Markdown Editor. I even wrote some custom code that did some things that I wanted. Nice.


After reading more about Markdown and what its true purpose is and what I could do with it... I realised that I could either try to extend this editor -- to include what I wanted -- or find something else that already had what I wanted.

What I (thought that ) wanted was:

  1. Drop-down list selection for Headings
  2. A dialog box for entering an Image (with extended information)
  3. A dialog box for entering URLs (with extended information)

It also needed to be easily extendable -- ok..not easily.. but at least do-able.

editor.MD did all of that and more. It is SimpleMDE on steroids.


  1. includes additional tools over SimpleMDE
  2. is multi-lingual
  3. includes a HTML representation of what you type - out-of-the-box
  4. easy to work extend


  1. the editor is BIG... 6-7Mb
  2. the documentation is laking
  3. the examples are in Chinese
  4. the main website lacks everything
  5. the headings weren't in a drop-down
  6. the editor is BIG... (oh, I mentioned that)

Okay, so it is not perfect. It could be.. but isn't.

The size -- even though it is BIG -- isn't going to be a problem because it is only used by Admins. Who cares. Even though the examples are in Chinese, I really only needed to read the documentation to see what it could do. I found that the normal Github page was very useful. More useful than their pretty looking, useless, site.

I ended up working it all out and created an Italian and German language file for it - to fit in with Chyrp-Lite.

All in all.. you get what you pay for... and it's for free.